Car Parking – Grass Paving or Aggregate


Sports facilities are often in need of additional car parking spaces – why not consider grass paving?


Digging Out Site Set Up
Laser Levelling Grass Paving
Fencing Soiling


After digging out and base preparation, including installation of lower membrane and hardcore layer, a heavy duty plastic grass protection grid is placed within the area.


The area is then covered with rootzone, and grass seed sown.  This provides a fast and environmentally friendly surface. 


Once complete the area can be used year round.


Ideal for over-spill car parking, access routes and walkways. A cost effective solution for worn and rutted areas. 


Allow us to use our expertise and knowledge of levels to ensure quality results.

Hardcore compaction - Mumby Landscapes, Peterborough
Rootzone spreading - Mumby Landscapes, Peterborough
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Grass Paving Grids

Grass Paved Car Park

Base Preparation